Recruiting the Best Prospects


In his brilliant book, “A Brief History of Time,” Professor Stephen Hawking opens with the story of a well-known scientist who gave a public lecture on astronomy. The scientist described how the moon orbits the earth, the earth orbits the sun, and how our solar system orbits around the center of the galaxy. When he finished, a little old lady got up and said, “What you have told us is rubbish. The world is really a flat plate supported on the back of a giant tortoise.”

The scientist gave a knowing smile and replied, “What is the tortoise standing on?”

“You’re very clever, young man, very clever,” she replied. “But it’s turtles all the way down!”

We all know people like that little old lady. The point is, why try to convince them otherwise? If they believe that the universe is a big stack of turtles – or that all network marketing opportunities are illegal pyramids – nothing you present to the contrary is going to change their belief.

So as you go about building your business, don’t try to convince, persuade and sell negative people. SORT your prospects, and look for the ones that are open to opportunity.

One of the biggest mistakes beginners make, is thinking that sponsoring is a one-shot, all-or-nothing event. Actually, it’s a process.

One that takes different amounts of time for different prospects. Your goal shouldn’t be to sell or “close” anyone, but rather to give the prospect enough information, so they can make the best decision for them.

Unlike sales, where often you are taught to manipulate or close people, in Network Marketing we are looking for people motivated enough to take action themselves. We simply want to expose them to the opportunity, and see if they are open to it. Some people are open to new concepts, and others are stuck with the preconceptions they’ve been taught. You want to look for the open-minded ones, and steer clear of the others. They are too much work, and they’re no fun to be around.

It’s not about convincing people or changing their beliefs, as much as it is about finding the people who are open to what you have. It is a sorting process, divided into stages, where the prospect indicates their level of interest and commitment at the appropriate level.

Along the way, you will meet people who believe all network marketing opportunities are pyramid schemes. Why spend all your time trying to convince them otherwise when there are legions of people who are open to what you have?

The objective of your sponsoring process should be to weed out the
non-prospects, and get the true prospects the information they need
to make a decision. Everyone we know and meet is a suspect. They
may be a candidate for the business; they might be a retail
customer; or they may be neither. Our job is to sort through the
suspects and discover the real prospects.

Here’s the reality:

Every Monday morning at 6:00, 6:30 and 7:00 a.m., alarm clocks all
around the world are going off. People are groggily hitting the
snooze button, desperate for another five minutes of sleep. They
get up at the last possible second, rush through their shower, then
microwave breakfast, skip it, or buy it in a drive through window
on the way to work.

We know that 80 percent of people are going to a job they don’t
like, or actually hate, and 99.9 percent of them think they should
be making more money. Most of them will slog through the day in a
comatose state, and grab dinner at another drive-thru window on the
way home. Then, they will plop onto a sofa or recliner and spend
the night rubbing the hair off the back of their heads, drinking
cans of rancid, fermented hops, watching mindless sitcoms until
they fall asleep. Until Tuesday morning, when the process starts
all over…

Till Wednesday morning…

Till Thursday morning…

Till Friday morning…thank God it’s Friday!

And you know what that means – it’s payday. So, at five o’clock,
when their boss whistles them over to fetch their meager pittance,
they can feel – if for only a few brief moments – like the check is

Now, of course, that check is already spent because they have a
stack of credit card bills waiting for it. But for those few
glorious moments – it feels like it’s theirs. This calls for a
celebration. This means tonight they can eat out! So at least
here in America, that means off to Pizza Hut for a stuffed crust,
meat-lovers, double-cheese, double-meat pan pizza. Which of course
they’ll wash down with a Diet Pepsi, because they need to watch
their weight.

From dinner, it’s off to the neighborhood video store where they’ll
stack up six to eight DVDs – which is just enough to keep them from
thinking about their life of quiet desperation all weekend. Until
Monday morning, when the alarm clock goes off and they start the
process all over again…

Do you understand something? You don’t need these people. They
desperately need and want what you have to offer. So stop
thinking, “Who can I get to do this?” Start thinking, “Who would
I like to offer this opportunity to?”

You may think your product is vitamins, or skin care, or discount
long distance service, but it is none of those things.

What you really offer is freedom.

Never lose sight of that. You’re presenting people the opportunity
to become their own boss and control their own destiny. For most
of them, it will be the first opportunity they’ve ever had with
unlimited income potential. It’s also the first time they’ve had a
chance to become successful by empowering others.

Of course, the first question to arise is, where do you find these
people? The place to begin is with people you know. This is the
natural place to start and it makes the most sense. You won’t have
to make cold calls or talk to strangers. People who know you will
usually give you the benefit of the doubt and review a recruiting
tool or come to a presentation.

In terms of which approach to use, here is my experience: People
that you have a good relationship with are best invited to a
presentation, and they’re likely to show up. So this works great
for the friends, neighbors and family. For people you don’t know
as well, such as casual acquaintances, or a waiter, taxi driver or
someone you just met and impressed you, a tool is better. They
don’t know you as well and may be hesitant to come to a
presentation, but are much more likely to review a tool.

One of the things that concerns me, is when new people tell you
they don’t want to work their warm market. Usually there’s one of
two variables at work.

One is, they simply don’t believe it will work. They say things
like, “I don’t want to talk to anyone I know yet. I want to take
ads and talk to strangers. Then, when I’m rich and successful,
I’ll go back to my friends.”

Of course, this is craziness. If you really thought you had an
opportunity that could bring you wealth, happiness and fulfillment
– wouldn’t you be burning up the phone lines to tell your friends
and family?

These people need to be sponsored all over again, so they really
understand the business. And they need a tough-love sponsor who
will guide them, and even prod them into doing the things that are
in their own best interest.

Now, of course, the second variable that can be at play here is
that your new distributor has been an “MLM junkie,” and they’ve
already been to their warm market 20 times with every kind of crazy
deal imaginable. They’re simply too embarrassed to go back one
more time. I can relate to this personally, since I went through
exactly that.

But, I found a solution…

Whenever I am faced with a difficult challenge and there seems to
be nowhere to turn – I do something that too few people do. In
fact, most people think it’s quite radical to even think about it.

I tell the truth.

Picture this phone call: “Steve, this is Randy. You’re never
going to believe this – you have every right in the world to hang
up on me – but I’ve got to tell you something. I know we thought
we were going to make money in that vitamin deal, and the bee
pollen thing didn’t work out, or the no-run-pantyhose deal, and I
know you still have those water filters I sold you – so you have
every right in the world to hang up on me – but I honestly found
something, and I think it’s different. Here’s why…”

Now, what if Steve hangs up? Then he’s not a prospect, and you
lost nothing. Remember, all you need is a yes or no. The only
thing you can’t use is a maybe. The worst thing that could
possible happen has already happened: Steve is not in your
business! So calling him one more time can’t get any worse, it can
only get better, because he might take a look.

Truth be told, he’s really not likely to hang up. When you just
tell the truth, and put it out there – most people will give you a
listen. And there will be dozens more people on your list who have
never joined any of the programs you ever worked. And you’re
meeting new people all the time. You met at least three to five
new people this week. So it would be a mistake to just eliminate
all your warm market people without even trying.

Now, let’s talk about finding people and what you say to the ones
you would like to sponsor…

The reason most people in Network Marketing never make it to the
director or breakaway level, is because they don’t know how to meet
people outside of their sphere of influence. They have a short
list, so they need a perfect ‘invite’ every time or they run out of

Of course, when they only have a few people left on their list,
there’s a subconscious tendency to ‘save them’ for fear that once
they are used up — they’ll have no one to talk to. This is a
self-fulfilling prophecy – one you want to avoid. So let’s talk
about how you can meet some new people on a consistent basis.

Here’s your mantra:
“Two people a day brings freedom my way.”

Think it and speak it every morning. Put it in a post-it note on
your mirror. Then just go out to live your life with the
expectation of meeting new friends every day.

Start the day with two silver dollars in your left pocket. When
you meet someone — move one to your right pocket. When you meet
the second person, move the next coin over. You’ll probably
discover, as most people do, that you already meet new people every
day. You just haven’t been aware of it before, because you just
let the moment pass.

Now, instead of just acknowledging new people and moving on —
practice the art of conversation. Don’t try to sell them anything
— don’t approach them about your business, just talk. Be their
friend and get to know them. Here are some of my favorite

“You from around here?”
“So, how did you get from ____________ to here?”
“What kind of work do you do?”
“Is that a tough business/job?”
“What’s the hardest part of that business/job?”
“Are you married?”
“You have any kids?”
“So, what does someone do for fun around here?”

These questions get people talking about their favorite subject — themselves. Asking if they’re from around here usually gets people going. Almost everyone you talk to is from somewhere else. When I ask them what brought them here — invariably they tell me it was to take a job or be closer to family or spouse’s family. Either way, that leads the conversation to family or what they do for a living — both fascinating lines of conversation to pursue.

Of course, when you ask if that is a tough business or job — 98% of people will tell you yes. Then, when you ask what the toughest part is — in most cases, they will give you lots of good reasons why they should be in Network Marketing.

The key here is — you don’t bring up the business at all. It’s not appropriate and it wouldn’t be effective anyway. At this point, all you want to do is make new friends — two a day. This gives you more than 700 new friends a year! Now if you’re meeting 700 people a year — doesn’t it make sense that you’ll find a few who are looking for an opportunity?

Of course you will. You’ll know which ones by your conversation. Those that seem sharp, ambitious, and express dissatisfaction with their job or business are your best prospects — the ones you’ll want to approach later.

Now before we talk about that — we need to address two other issues. First, what about if you’re speaking to someone you meet and they seem hostile or don’t want to talk? No problem, just move on. Obviously they’re not a prospect for this business, and they’re certainly not someone you want as a friend.

The second issue is getting the phone number of the good prospects. I have a technique that makes this so simple you’re going to be amazed. The most important thing is – never ask for their phone number. Most prospects get nervous here and don’t want to do this.

Instead use my ‘magic’ million-dollar question; the one that never fails. Simply say, “Ya’ got a card?”

Instinctively they reach for a card and give it to you. Those who do not have business cards invariably let you know they don’t have one, but pull out their cell phone and ask for your number to enter. If you’re truly being a friend, just getting to know them and not trying to sell them anything, they’ll be happy to give you the number.

Don’t go looking for people to sign up — just go out and make friends. And remember your mantra: Two people a day, brings freedom my way.

So now you’re going out each day with the intention of meeting two new friends. As you do this, you’re collecting cards and phone numbers. When you get home each day, add these people to your prospect list. When the lines you have are going down in depth, and don’t need you doing their presentations anymore, you’ll be ready to sponsor some new people and have a large list of candidates to draw from.

Think about who the sharpest people you met are and give them a call. Say something like, “Hey Ray, this is Linda. You probably remember me; we met at the Apple store when you were buying an iPod. You seem like a sharp guy, and from our conversation it seemed you might be open to taking a look at a business opportunity.”

Usually now, they’ll ask what it is. You respond with something like:
“I run a marketing business, and we’re expanding here in the Dallas area. I can’t promise you anything, but I’m looking for a couple of key people. If you’re interested, I’d like to drop by an information pack for your review. You can look it over and decide if it’s something you want to explore further.”

Now, it doesn’t have to be this exact script. The key things are suggesting that they’ll probably remember you, telling them you can’t promise them anything, and offering to drop off an information pack. If they agree, you take them the mass market recruiting tool we discussed in lesson two.

Because they remember you, you were friendly and all they have to do is look at a packet — most people will be more than happy to do this. And because you’re out there always meeting two people a day — you will never run out of qualified prospects.

Now if you still think you don’t meet two new people a day, let’s look at some places where you can meet good prospects.

First, we can rule out the places you won’t meet them. You won’t find them in nightclubs and bars. These places are for alcoholics. Go to places where people of higher consciousness gather.

Find a church that does lots of classes, like Unity or Science of Mind. Choose some courses that appeal to you and sign up. People who take courses on prosperity, Tai Chi, meditation and yoga are usually people seeking more, so they’re great candidates for your business. And don’t overlook public seminars. It’s a safe bet that the people who pay and go to a seminar to see Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra or John Gray are looking for more out of life. Just be yourself, practice the art of conversation and meet new friends.

And then there’s my all-time ‘secret weapon.’ The number one best place to go to meet great people all the time. Ready for this — it’s the car wash.

But not the put-eight-quarters-in-and-drive-thru-so-they-can-break-off-your-antennae wash. No, I’m talking about the hand car wash.

You know who goes there? People with nice cars. Aston Martins, Vipers, Mercedes and Lexus, among others. People who have nice cars already know something about success. And, the fact they take care of them tells you a lot about them. At the hand wash I go to, I’ve met numerous company executives (one who owns 47 Ferraris, a couple of Rolls’ and a few other cars), a Grammy-winning songwriter, two NBA stars, a minister of a church with 3,000 Sunday worshipers, and a host of other serious people.

The secret to prospecting is having a long, never-ending list. When you practice the strategies we’ve just talked about, that’s exactly what you’ll have.

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Next lesson you’ll learn how to create exponential growth in your group! Until then, have a great week!

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